DRC Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council offers free, impartial advice to asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Denmark.

You can receive counselling about all stages of the Danish asylum procedure, the options for rejected asylum seekers and the possibilities for returning home.

Guidance about repatriation support

The Danish Return Agency and the Danish Refugee Council cooperate on providing guidance to people without a valid Danish residence permit about their options for applying for repatriation support for a voluntary return.

This aid comprises various types of support and financial aid, and your stay in Denmark determines the type of repatriation support for which you may apply.

You can contact the Danish Refugee Council if you have any questions about repatriation support or wish to apply for repatriation support for your voluntary return.

Read more about repatriation support here.

You can find the contact details of the Danish Refugee Council here.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the Danish Return Agency.

You can find our contact details here.