Our address

Birkerød Kongevej 2
DK-3460 Birkerød

All in-person visits are by appointment only.

The reception entrance is accessed from the main entrance.

On arrival, you should go to reception.

Free parking is available. The nearest S-train stations are Birkerød station and Holte station, and the nearest bus routes are 385 and 334.


CVR no.: 41 33 82 10

EAN no. (operations): 5798 000 408630 – expenses associated with general services supplied to the Danish Return Agency.
EAN no. (subsidy): 5798 000 408647 – expenses associated with facilitating returns such as interpreters’ and legal fees and remuneration for private organisations that provide assistance with returns, etc.

Write to us

If you have a general question, please contact us via the Return Agency’s contact form below.

As we cannot guarantee that Internet Explorer will support the contact form, please use a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. 

You can also send us an email at 

Call us

If you have any questions, you can contact us by telephone Monday–Friday from 09:00–15:00. Call us direct on:

+ 45 30 65 78 00

The Danish return Agency is closed for telephone inquiries over Christmas and New Year from the 22nd of December 1PM but will open again on the 2nd of January 2024.


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Secure communication and data protection

If you need to communicate securely with us, you can use Post or our contact form:

Write securely to us using Post

  • As an employee of an authority, you can write to us from, for example.
  • As an employee of an enterprise, you can write to us from
  • As a citizen, you can write to us using Digital Post at or

Write securely to us using the contact form

If you have no civil registration (CPR) number or are exempted from using Digital Post, you can write securely to the Danish Return Agency using our contact form.

However, you should bear in mind that if your inquiry contains sensitive personal information, we cannot send a response to your email address.

Instead, we will contact you by letter or telephone.

If you write to us on behalf of someone else, remember to attach a signed power of attorney, otherwise we cannot disclose any information to you.

You are welcome to contact the Danish Return Agency’s data protection officer by email at  for guidance about your rights in terms of our processing of your personal data or if you have other questions about our data processing.

Please note that if you use ordinary email, your message will not be encrypted. The Danish Return Agency therefore recommends that any inquiries containing sensitive personal information, details about civil registration (CPR) numbers, details about personal circumstances or other information that should be protected are not sent as ordinary email. 

Our other locations

Billede af Udrejsecenter Kærshovedgård


Kærshovedgård 17
DK-7430 Ikast

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Billede af Udrejsecenter Sjælsmark


Sjælsmarkvej 10
DK-2970 Hørsholm

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Billede af Udrejsecenter Avnstrup


Avnstrupvej 1
DK-4330 Hvalsø

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Billede af Kastrup Lufthavn

Kastrup Airport/CPH

Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
DK-2770 Kastrup

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Billede af Billund Lufthavn

Billund Airport

Passagerterminalen 10
DK-7190 Billund

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Billede af Udlændingenævnet og Flygtningenævnet

The secretariats for the Immigration Appeals Board and the Refugee Appeals Board

Adelgade 11-13
DK-1304 Copenhagen K

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